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This is a dual-purpose page that is very much a work in progress. First, we're going to list some worthwhile reference books that readers who are so inclined may track down themselves. Then, we'll post some other useful reference materials, so scroll all the way down....

The Theory and Servicing of AM, FM, and FM Stereo Receivers
By Clarence R. Green and Robert M. Bourque

Publisher: Prentice-Hall
ISBN: 0-13-913490-1
Year: 1980
Hardcover, 583 pages
Available new and used from Amazon.com

1. Introduction
2. Power Supplies
3. Vacuum Tube and Solid State Biasing Arrangements
4. Audio and Power Audio Amplifiers
5. Radio Frequency Amplifiers
6. Frequency Changers
7. Principles of Amplitude Modulation
8. Vacuum Tube Receiver Analysis
9. Solid-State AM Receiver Analysis
10. Introduction to Troubleshooting
11. Basic Troubleshooting Procedure
12. Troubleshooting Tube-Type AM Receivers
13. Troubleshooting Solid-State AM Receivers
14. Principles of FM Receivers
15. Vacuum Tube AM-FM Receivers
16. Solid State AM-FM Receivers
17. Troubleshooting AM-FM Receivers
18. Principles of FM Stereo
19. FM Stereo Decoder Circuit Analysis
20. Troubleshooting FM Stereo Receivers

Our panelist Bob says, "This one is the mother lode for the FM tuner fan who wants to understand and service modern FM circuits (not including digital tuners, though). Covers both tube and solid-state circuits. Includes a great section on detectors, and the best I've seen on stereo theory and circuits."

Bob also recommends:

Elements of Radio Servicing, Third Edition
By Marcus and Levy
Year: 1967

"For those interested understanding the practical side of how a tube tuner works, this book mainly deals with tube radios, meaning AM radio, including car, transistor, and complete receivers including tube audio output sections. But there is a complete meaty FM chapter that includes FM stereo detectors (tube type) as well. Not equations, but example circuits with text explanation. With general coverage of test, troubleshooting, and alignment procedures.">

Professional Technician's Guide to Stereo FM Servicing
Publisher: Intertec Publishing Corp.
Editors: Publishers of Electronic Servicing Magazine
Year: 1972
Softcover, 8-1/8" by 11-1/8" by 1/10", 48 pages

Table of Contents:
How the stereo FM signal is produced
Tuner performance evaluation and adjustments
Localizing trouble to the tuner or amplifier
Tracking down separation problems
Isolating the causes of distortion
FM alignment with and without sweep
Stereo generator selection and application
Cartridge and turntable measurements and tests
Stereo FM auto radio servicing

Our contributor Paul Baptista says, "Very easy to read, many B&W photos of scope screens, circuit diagrams. A real techie's guide approach."

F-M Transmitters and Receivers (cover)
Publisher: Coles Publishing Company (Coles Notes??)
Year: 1978
Pocket-size paperback, 200 pages

1. Modulation Systems
2. Principles of FM
3. Methods of producing FM
4. FM Transmitter
5. FM Receivers

Paul says, "My only comment would be that despite the publishing year of 1978, all circuits are tube-based and with tuned circuits. Not one mention of ceramic filters, which is odd. But a good concise way to understand tubed FM circuits."

Making Sense of Sound: The Basics of Audio Theory and Technology (cover)
By Alvis J. Evans
Publisher: Prompt Publications
Year: Revised 1st Edition, 1992
Softcover, 9" by 6", 112 pages

Our contributor John L. says, "it has a chapter on AM/FM Tuners and Receivers with simple block diagrams about how they work. The book has lots of illustrations but doesn't go deep into theory."

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Stereo Sound Systems
Chapter 2: About Amplifiers
Chapter 3: Kinds of Distortion
Chapter 4: Sound Transducers
Chapter 5: New Sound Concepts
Chapter 6: Recording and Playback
Chapter 7: System Noise
Chapter 8: AM/FM Tuners and Receivers
Chapter 9: Video and TV Stereo
A: Logarithms
B: Decibels

Other Data Sources

Paul suggested that we post old audio magazine tuner listings -- great idea! Here are a few, with perhaps more to come eventually.

Audio magazine tuners, Sept. 1972

Audio magazine receivers, Sept. 1972 (part 1)

Audio magazine receivers, Sept. 1972 (part 2)

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Copyright ©2001-2021 Tuner Information Center. Permission is hereby granted to quote our text so long as proper credit is given. eBay listings that quote us incorrectly or without credit may be terminated without notice.
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